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Our Customer Comments
Unsere Reise nach Myanmar war ausgezeichnet.Erstkassig. Gut umgesetzt.Wir werden Dich Nandar
Nandar Kan Travels has succeeded to present a superb tour covering the major ponts of interest in MYANMAR.
Vielen Dank Nandar.
Wir können jedem nur empfehlen,eine Rundreise bei Nandar zu buchen. Sie
Nandar Kan Travels zu loben wäre Eulen nach Athen zu tragen.
Unsere Reise war einfach perfekt.
Die Tage am Inle-See mit meinem Guide Nandar bleiben unvergesslich. Mit ihrer freundlichen und fröhlichen Art öffnet sie
Im Januar 2008 haben wir mit Nandar eine individuelle, bestens organisierte Rundreise durch Myanmar
Auf kaum einer meiner Reisen, ob in Europa, Afrika, Lateinamerika oder Asien

Если вы с детства грезите увидеть настоящую Азию, посетите Бирму. Моя мечта сбылась не так давно.

We feel very fortunate to have found Nandar Kan Travels, through a brochure handed out the airport.
Greetings from Australia and I hope this letter finds you happy and well. I am writing to express my thanks to you for the very comprehensive tour you organized for me throughout the centre of Myanmar last January 18th-28,2006.



Myanmar Tours Depart Daily

During your Asian holidays come and choose with us your selected destinations to all parts of Myanmar Tours  using Nandar Kan Travels as your guide.

Yangon City Tour (1 day)
Five Century Tour (3 days)
Golden Rock Tour (3 days)
Mandalay City Tour (1 day)
Flower City Tour (1 day / 3 days)
Ancient Bagan Tour (1 day)
Jouney to ancient Stone Carvings
(1 day / 3 days)
Inle Lake Tour (1 day / 2 days)
Myanmar Ways of Life Tour (3 days)
Ngwe Saung Beach Tour (4 days)
Ngapali Beach Tour (4 days)

Myanmar Highlight Tours

In your Myanmar holiday these Myanmar high light excursions are an essential part of your Myanmar tour.


Yangon-Mandalay-Inle Tour
Sittwe-Mruak U-Yangon
Highlights of Myanmar Tour I
Highlights of Myanmar Tour II
Exploring Ayeyarwaddy Tour

Myanmar Classical Tour

Nandar Kan Myanmar classical tours are exactly that! They are special destinations for classical travellers who want to experience Myanmar with a holiday in a completely different way. Combine culture, landscape and Myanmars gems and jade mines.

Six Days Tours In Three State
Tour To Hidden Pages of Burma
Through Out Myanmar By Land Tour
Combination of Northern and Eastern
Explore Mergui Tour
Myanmar Ruby Land Tour
Myanmar Green Jade Tour

Myanmar Backpacker Tour especially for the traveller who loves freedom. Nandar Kan just shows the way but leaves it up to you, the Myanmar traveller to make your Asian holiday of your choice and at your pace. As being a backback we show the options you can take while travelling throughout Myanmar but you make the final decisions.

Bpk 1: Myanmar Combination Tour
Bpk 2: Myanmar Rakhine State Tour
Bpk 3: Myanmar Ayeyarwaddy Tour
Bpk 4: Myanmar Middle East Tour

Trekking Specialist

For the traveller who wants to visit Myanmar, a land that holds one third of it's boundaries to mountains and high country these tour programs involve starting from soft trekking to passing through tribal lands and exploring the ways of life of the Myanmar hill tribes and hike beneath and up to the snow capped mountains. If you want a high, then get a high experience with Nandar Kan's Myanmar hiking adventures.

Myanmar Kalaw Trekking Tour
Myanmar Ya Sa Kyi Trekking Tour
Myanmar Alungdawkathapa National Park  Tour
Bago Ranges Jungle Trip
(high adventure tour)
Myanmar Kyaing Ton Trekking Tour
Myanmar Spa PutaO Trekking Tour
Snow capped mountain hiking tour
Myanmar Thispaw Trekking Tour
Natma Taung Trekking Tour
Icy river expedition
Southern Himalayan Adventure

Special Offer Tours

Don't forget that one of your Myanmar travel experiences could be to climb on the back of an elephant and travel through the deep forest or on a horse and ride on the arid Bagan plains to Mt.Popa. Try riding in a wicker basket high up above the thousands of temples in Myanmar's number one tour destination, Bagan.
These include: Balloon rides, horse rides, elephant rides, marines tours

Balloon Over Bagan
River Cruises
Bird Watching Tour
Bagan Horse Riding Tour
Marine Tour
Mandalay Bagan river boat

Hotels in Myanmar

Nandar Kan Travels offer Myanmar hotels ranging from top class resort to bed & breakfast budget hotel. Nandar Kan has the best selection of hotels in Myanmar with very competitive prices. We even offer hotels in remote areas such as Chin State, Karan State, Kachin State (Northern Part of Myanmar) and Tanithari Division (the most Southern Part of Myanmar).

Nandar Kan Travels offer world famous Myanmar traditional handicrafts such as lacquerware, traditional string puppets, wood carving tapestry, Myanmar umberellas and souvenirs created by the best craftsmen in Myanmar.

Flight Nandar Kan Travels offer you 3 privately owned Myanmar domestic flight schedules and very reasonable rates to all destinations to complete your Myanmar Asian holiday.


Take a ride how ever you like. Myanmar Transportation, Air conditioned 18, 22 or 45 seater coachs, private air conditioned cars or even "air conditioned" horse carts or trishaws!! You choose the way you want to travel Myanmar with us in your Myanmar holidays.
Boat Nandar Kan Travels offers 3 different kinds of inland water transportations. Public ferries, private ferries and charter boats. Myanmar public ferries and private ferries prices and schedules are offered from the northern part of Myanmar starting from Bamaw, Kathar, Mandalay, Bagan down to Tavoy, Myeik and Kawthaung in the southern part of Myanmar.


Imagine you are in a different world with different tribes who are performing their own unique dance, wearing their own costumes, speaking their own language but you can take part. Taste their food, dance their dances, steal a glace, have a feeling of joy in seeing their happiness while you relish your own. Myanmar, with her 135 ethnic groups have such a variety of hill tribes and hill tribe festivals you will be astounded. Come and join with us, you won't regret it! more info>>



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